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Nunchuk Golf Shafts Technical Specifications

Information You Need To Know
Typical static testing equipment CANNOT accurately assess the unique technology within the NUNCHUK® for fitting purposes. Thus, comparisons to the standard measurement values of traditional shafts are not appropriate. For instance, the frequency and weight measurements above might seem high for slower speed golfers, however the NUNCHUK® Tri-Zonal Stability™ (TZS) technology actually makes this shaft the PERFECT choice for those players.

FLEX: Each NUNCHUK® is sold in a single model – the same shaft will perform well for professional golfers, high level amateurs, seniors, women and juniors. How? The upper and lower zones of the NUNCHUK® shafts are designed to be very resistant to flexing and drooping through the impact zone over the full range of swing speeds. Thus, the shaft is aligned with the club head at impact, rather than allowing the head to be positioned forward of the shaft centerline and drooping down as is typical. With the NUNCHUK®, any "flex" created at the initiation of the downswing will recover early in the downswing. Therefore, the golfer DOES NOT have to manage any shaft lag or "time the hit", which allows the golfer to play successfully with a simpler swing.

LAUNCH: The Center zone of all the NUNCHUK® shafts resists twisting and minimizes the closing of the club face through the impact zone. The Tri-Zonal technology works together to minimize Flex, Twist and Droop during the downswing and through the impact zone. As a result, the shaft is not "adding" or "subtracting" loft from the true loft of the clubhead and the swing generated by the golfer. Therefore, the golfer can reliably expect to deliver the True Loft of the clubhead to the ball.

WEIGHT: Because the NUNCHUK® is counterbalanced, the shaft will feel lighter than its deadweight. The counterbalancing and stability of the NUNCHUK® creates the "one-piece" feel that promotes CONSISTENCY by encouraging players to swing the handle of their golf club, rather than the club head.

SPIN RATE AND SHOT DISPERSION: Simply, Spin Rate will be reduced and Shot Dispersion will be narrowed for almost all golfers, increasing both their distance and accuracy.


Unlike most golf shafts which require trimming of the shaft from the tip to achieve the required degree of stiffness, the Nunchuk’s unique design does not require any tip trimming. An integral part of the shaft design includes a specialized tip section, which should not be trimmed to fit a driver, fairway wood, or a hybrid.

Instructions for ALL NUNCHUK® Shafts

  • TIP TRIMMING - No tip trimming required or suggested for Drivers, Fairway Wood, Hybrids or Irons to adjust the "flex" of the shaft..
  • CLUB LENGTH TRIMMING - Butt trim all shafts to achieve desired club length. For Drivers, we believe you will get optimum performance if you do what the majority of PGA Tour players do and trim the finished length to 44 to 44.5 inches, rather than longer lengths typical of "off-the-rack" drivers.
  • .350" HOSEL SHIMMING - If installing a NUNCHUK® Wood Shaft (.335" tip) in a club with a .350 hosel, use appropriate sleeve or shim available from club building suppliers like BillyBobsGolf.net, Golfsmith or Golf Works.
  • EPOXY APPLICATION - Use enough epoxy to properly coat the shaft and hosel bore, but don't overdo it (because the shaft wall thickness is larger than most shafts, the internal diameter is small which does not allow much volume for excess epoxy to fill). If using long-cure epoxy to assemble club(s), some club-builders have found it useful to mask-off the hosel of the club to avoid having any excess epoxy adhere to the exterior of the club.

NUNCHUK® xi Specific Instructions:

  • NUNCHUK® xi's are available in both .355" tapered tips or .370" parallel tips with a 2" tip section. For additional versatility, the .370" parallel tips are designed to be carefully sanded to achieve desired .355" taper, if needed.
  • IRON SWING WEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – As with most graphite iron shafts, clubs can be built ½" longer than standard to achieve desired swing weight. Alternatively, lead or tungsten plugs designed for graphite wood shafts can be used to increase swing weight (note - we suggest trimming the shaft tip to offset the length of the flange on the weight plug if used to adjust the swing weight, typically no more than 1/8" to ¼").
  • IRON SWING WEIGHT – We believe that male and female golfers will get optimal performance with swing weights in the range of C8 to D1, which is somewhat less than many OEM clubs (note – this is a recommendation, shaft will perform well at higher swing weights as well).

Download Nunchuk Tech Specs and Fitting Instructions Here  DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THIS PAGE.

Nunchuk Shaft Technical Specs and Fitting Instructions
Nunchuk Shafts are now available as custom orders/options thru NIKE golf and EDEL golf

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