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NUNCHUK Shaft Drives Repeat Win For Arnold Palmer Invitational Champ


GOLFWEEK, TITLE: "Nunchuk touts "one-size-fits-all" shaft"
""The design of the shaft includes three distinct sections. "It is based on a three-piece design," [Bryan] Nicholson said. "There is a stiffer butt, a softer midsection and a stiffer tip. The midsection allows the shaft to load. The way these three sections work together, the shaft realigns itself during the swing. It is directly in line with the intended target. It stays that way all the way to impact. What we offer, we believe, is the maximum ability to stabilize the clubface and return the head square at impact."

GOLFWRX.COM, TITLE: "Nunchuk xi Iron Shaft Review....Awesome Gear!"
"I picked up a full club length, in carry and overall distance. My dispersion tightened up. I intentionally tugged my shots left and got consistent distance, roll and carry. The graphite has an amazing feel, much like feedback of steel, but less shock. You can still feel mishits and get feedback but nowhere near the reverberation of dg's or px's. this surprised me..."

TORONTOGOLFNUTS.COM, TITLE: "Nunchuk xi iron shaft"
"I Had a chance to hit them today at the PGA Demo Day. -- One Word - AWESOME! Talking to a PGA Teaching pro that tells me he has switched his PX6.5 to this shaft. He tells me that it will lower the ball flight for a player the generally hits a ballooning ball as well as raise the ball flight for a player that has trouble getting airborne..."

MyGolfSpy.com: (Review of the new Nunchuk® 370 Hybrid Shaft)

"Well, once again, the Nunchuk has lived up to the hype: it was straighter than anything else that I put it up against. Particularly impressive for me was that it quieted down the hooks that I've been fighting lately. As I said in the original Nunchuk review: you can still hit pushes and pulls with the Nunchuk, but the ball doesn't seem to curve as much as it does with other shafts. The launch monitor data seems to bear out that impression."

"It was also interesting that the added weight did nothing to slow the ball speed. If anything, I had the confidence to swing a bit harder knowing that the Nunchuk would keep me from hitting it off the planet."

"Bottom line: the Nunchuk 370, much like its predecessor, does exactly what it claims to do: helps to straighten out crooked golf shots. While you can question the "one flex, one weight" approach, the numbers don't lie and they tell me that the Nunchuk works."READ COMPLETE REVIEW

GOLFWEEK.com: "Perhaps we wouldn't be having this conversation if two golfers... hadn't won PGA Tour events while using this unusual shaft." READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

MyGolfSpy.com: "With the other shafts, the first ten swings were right, right, and more right: big pushes that curved off the planet.  Then I popped the Nunchuk in and hit two or three balls right down the center.  I thought perhaps my swing was just starting to sync up, but when I switched to another shaft, the rights reappeared.  If I hadn’t set up the machine myself, I would have thought someone was playing a joke on me: the Nunchuk truly was much straighter!" READ COMPLETE REVIEW

SecretInTheDirt.com: " Well.....the jury has returned a verdict.....the Nunchuk is guilty as charged with providing a tighter dispersion, consistent launch angle, reduced spin and the feeling of stability and balance at impact." READ COMPLETE FORUM THREAD (90+ pages)

Watch the NUNCHUK® VIDEO REVIEWS from Aussie Custom Golf

INDEPENDENT GOLF REVIEWS: "I'm still surprised that I can give these clubs to my sister and she can hit them too and get really good results for her. There was no way you can do that with any other shaft. Anyone that uses this shaft uses the exact same shaft as the PGA pros who are using it. That validation is significant too, this isn't a gimmick; the Nunchuck is the real deal. I can see myself buying another one for my hybrid too." READ COMPLETE REVIEW

GOLFWRX (Sam Derence):"I can say the consistency was amazing. It was as if there were a tunnel in the sky and every shot went through that tunnel." READ COMPLETE REVIEW

GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE placed the NUNCHUK® along side of some of the best golf shafts in the world and named it one of their EDITORS' PICKS in the new May issue. Here's part of what they wrote, "Most recently used by [ the winner of the Bob Hope Classic ], the unique nVentix Nunchuk boasts a 'Tri-Zonal Stability' design that offers exceptional power and greater clubhead accelleration... Everyone can benefit from its unorthodoox construction."

And, in this summer's just-released Golf Tips Magazine Equipment Issue, they say, "The NUNCHUK's "Tri-Zonal Stability" design offers exceptional power and a greater acceleration of the clubhead. This means the ball flies a lot longer. Users of this shaft say it has a great "one-piece" feeling with the clubhead. What We Like: The name is awesome, but so is the performance. Don't believe us? Just ask [ the winner of the Bob Hope Classic ] what he thinks. Who It's For: For all player types."

GOLFING MAGAZINE has named the NUNCHUK® their Product of the Week after their very complimentary review from the 2011 PGA Show in Orlando earlier this year. Below is a reprint of some of what they had to say about the NUNCHUK® as it appeared in their email announcement of the award.

"It's a major spin buster but keeps a good trajectory on the ball with a very tight dispersion pattern."

"The Nunchuk is not to be tipped but only butt trimmed. The same shaft is used by [the] Bob Hope winner... and ladies! Skeptical? So were we. We tried it and watched as several others with varying swing speeds produced long and straight shots time after time. It's manufactured by UST and is very deserving of a shot at getting in your bag."

Nunchuk Shaft Technical Specs and Fitting Instructions
Nunchuk Shaft Technical Specs and Fitting Instructions
Nunchuk Shaft Technical Specs and Fitting Instructions
Nunchuk Shaft Technical Specs and Fitting Instructions
Nunchuk Shafts are now available as custom orders/options thru NIKE golf and EDEL golf

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